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To Know Her Is To Fear Her: The Spider-Woman Podcast

Sep 29, 2020


Seren and Rey return after what seems like forever to continue their monthly chronicles of the current Spider-Woman series written by Karla Pacheco and masterfully drawn by Pere Perez!

They explore more of Jessica's relationship with Michael and Rebecca, as well as learn all about what appears to be Miriam Drew! Needless to say this discussion is SPOILER FILLED...! So if you've not read the issue, go pick it up and then tune in to another thrilling chat from your Spider-Babies!

VENOM BLASTS (things to look out for in episode)!!

  • Seren's Tin Foil Hat Theories!
  • Rey's Makeshift Mobile Studio!
  • Feedback from fellow Collective member, Phil


Spider-Woman Vol. 7 #4

Released 23rd September 2020

Written by Karla Pacheco

Drawn by Pere Perez

Colours by Frank D’Armata

Letters by VC’s Travis Lanham

Editor(s) Jake Thomas, Lindsay Cohick

SYNOPSIS (by Spider-Baby Rick):

Having reached Wundagore and reunited with her mother after years of thinking her dead, Jessica Drew listens to Miriam Drew’s story about how she is alive. Jessica’s father had used Jessica as an experiment and given her away as a weapon, so Miriam knew she had to save herself. Using a cloned body, Miriam faked her death and went into hiding to protect her not yet born second child, Michael. She entrusted Michael to a wealthy cousin, who raised him and nurtured his genius, leading to the fortune he has today. It wasn’t safe for her to return for Jessica, so she remained in hiding.

When Rebecca’s cells started to atrophy, displaying a similar problem to Jessica when she was young, Miriam and Michael started trying to reproduce the serum that saved Jessica’s life in order to save Rebecca. With the spider stolen from Octavia Vermis and the lab at their disposal, they have everything they need to save both Jessica and Rebecca’s lives. When Jessica reminds them that her son is included in that reckoning, she learns that Gerry is likely going to be safe from this disease, as it seems to only affect women.

Jessica also discovers that her mother is responsible for her new black suit, which has been secretly monitoring her vital signs. With all these revelations and lies, Jessica throws a bit of a tantrum and tears her suit, only to be interrupted by a fleet of helicopters carrying none other than Octavia Vermis and dozens of armed soldiers.

Miriam and Jessica defend Wundagore against Octavia using the base’s missile defenses while Michael prepares for a ground battle. Jessica joins Michael and even Rebecca for this assault, riding animal hybrids into combat against Octavia’s forces. A battle ensues, during which Jessica discovers that the soldiers are all robots. When Octavia joins the combat, she also has Miriam’s missile defense tower shot down, forcing Jessica, Michael, and Rebecca to retreat inside. 

They discover Miriam is alive, but they have barely any time to regroup or celebrate as Octavia kicks down the reinforced doors protecting them. She demands the research Miriam has access to, claiming it has power over life and death, and hits Miriam when she refuses. When Jessica places herself between Octavia and her family to protect them against a new assault, Miriam shoves Jessica into the path of danger, yelling that she’s the one Octavia wants. Jessica stares in betrayed horror as a wave of bullets flies at her.


Seren - 5/5

Rey - 5/5

Remember -

To Know Her Is To Fear Her!



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