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To Know Her Is To Fear Her: The Spider-Woman Podcast

Apr 12, 2022


It's a heavy episode for the hosts (and Spider-Babies!) as we farewell the stellar Karla Pacheco + Pere Perez (Team GOAT) run...

Seren and Rey procrastinate as much as they can before diving into a discussion that ends a truly amazing run...

Coffee, pizza and cons feature abound in this wholesome and fun...

Feb 15, 2022


The Spider Babies return to close out their coverage of the Devil's Reign Tie-in with this, part 11 of the Devil's Reign podcast crossover along with Capes & Lunatics, Tomes of Evil and Into the Knight!

We get the showdown we've waited so long for...and our thoughts on what lies in store for Veranke...

Jan 18, 2022


It what seems like an ETERNITY since we last chatted, Seren and Rey are back and ready to chat about a very BIG issue with a huge REVEAL for all Spider-Babies alike!

VENOM BLASTS (things to look out for in episode)!!

  • Our thoughts on the big reveal!
  • Rey's thoughts on the Kingpin v Jess
  • Seren and Rey's...

Dec 7, 2021


This episode heralds the long awaited return of Spider Baby Seren as the two hosts encounter yet another fun-filled issue from TEAM GOAT!

A nice change of pace here with StuntDick consulting for the pages that take us behind the set of Lindsay's work as a stunt woman!

Plenty to talk about - so why read...

Oct 31, 2021


Spider-Baby Rey is joined by a special co-host whilst Seren is away (get better soon, Seren! :D) in the form of Spider-Patron Rustin Green!

We get to learn a bit more about Rustin as a comic fan and Jess fan before both Rustin and Rey (or 'R-Squared as we like to say) dive into this month's spectacular...