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To Know Her Is To Fear Her: The Spider-Woman Podcast

May 18, 2021

The Spider-Babies Seren and Rey continue their fabled journey through the latest adventures of Jessica Drew!
This time around, Jess and Roger's relationship comes to a head; the Toledo Brothers' origin is revealed; and could that very well be someone on the other end of the phone, that we've all be hankering to see?
Check it all out in our latest fun-filled chat!
VENOM BLASTS (things to look out for in episode)!!
  • Spider-Woman's new weapons of choice!
  • Seren's plug for Walgreens!
  • Rey's thoughts on Roger's destiny!
  • Speculation on Jessica's invulnerability to mind control!
Spider-Woman Vol. 7 #12
Released May 12th, 2021

Written by Karla Pacheco

Drawn by Pere Perez

Colours by Frank D’Armata

Letters by VC’s Travis Lanham

Cover: Junggeon Yoon, 

Production Designer: Anthony Gambino

Editors: Lindsay Cohick, Nick Lowe

SYNOPSIS (Courtesy of Wiki):

As Jess gets a call that Luis wants to talk to her from his holding cell, Roger asked to accompany her but was refused as there was no time. At Metro Correctional, Luis explains that the twin swords he and Ray use were forged by brothers in Spain centuries ago, brought to the Americas with Conquistadors, and used to take land from Native Mesoamericans. When those brothers were killed, the blades were kept in their family's possession under guard until "worthy" hands could wield them again. As Spider-Woman acknowledges their motivation, she soon realizes she was called into a trap as Ray breaks into the jail, killing guards to free his brother. As they fight, Ray cuts the bars of numerous jail cells to free prisoners that attack Jess while he frees Luis. However, Ray ignores his brother's request for his sword, as both blades are making him feel like he can defeat Spider-Woman. Disarming him, Jess can sense the mystical bloodlust in the swords and buries it into the wall before suppressing the rest of the riot.

Luis, seeing his brother lost to the madness from the swords, fights and severs his brother's hand to stop him. Battered from stopping the riot, Spider-Woman uses her detachable wings as war fans to fight Luis, who blames her for Ray's madness and aimed to kill her. She parries and stops him, leaving the brothers to stay and be incarcerated for their crimes as she heads home to recover.

 At home, Roger talks with Jess, feeling disrespected and unneeded, with her unable to refute him. While saying he'll be available to babysit Gerry if she needed him to do so, Roger takes his bag and leaves, with Jess tearfully only able to say she's sorry as he walks out.

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