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To Know Her Is To Fear Her: The Spider-Woman Podcast

Mar 27, 2021

Spider-Baby Seren takes the reins as Rey goes MIA, to host the return of two of the greatest guests and creators in Marvel at the moment - Karla Pacheco and Pere Perez!
A surprise guest also pops in to weigh in the highly entertaining discussion and a load of feedback keep all the hosts busy on this one!
VENOM BLASTS (things to look out for in episode)!!
  • Stunt Dick's 1st Appearance on the podcast!
  • Pere's wife weighs in on issue #10!
  • Explosions, Ultra Violence + Assholes!
  • Pere's past projects...! Stabby Stabby!
Spider-Woman Vol. 7 #10
Released  17th  March 2021

Written by Karla Pacheco

Drawn by Pere Perez

Colours by Frank D’Armata

Letters by VC’s Travis Lanham

Cover: Junggeon Yoon, 

Production Designer: Anthony Gambino

Editors: Lindsay Cohick, Nick Lowe

SYNOPSIS (by Seren):

After being thrown into Wyndham’s array, Jessica has been cured of the illness that has been plaguing her though not before she was able to prevent Octavia from killing her daughter Ophelia. Jess, no longer under Octavia’s influence, plays it cool as Octavia disposes of her daughter’s body and we learn that Octavia has been killing and re-cloning her daughter in a quest for the perfect child. Now, with Wyndham’s cure at her disposal and Wydham himself out of the equation, she can make an entire army of clones to have at her beck and call. 

However, Jess hasn’t been playing it as cool as she thought, as Octavia reveals that she knew Jess was no longer under her thumb. A battle ensues as Jess tries to prevent Octavia from stepping into the array. As Jess and Octavia duke out their differences, Octavia reactivates Miriam’s clones. In the resulting melee, she loses the device used to program them and the clones all run to their death in an effort to save it. Meanwhile, Jess is able to revive the High Evolutionary, who makes it to the console in time to alter his array. Jess is able to push Octavia into it and instead of being cured, Octavia is turned into one of his  dinosaur hybrids.

After assuring Jessica that he can get both the array and Octavia fix, The High Evolutionary promises Jessica that she has free access to use it for whoever needs it. He offers to let her come with him back to Wundagore to continue her parents’ research, but Jessica declines in favor of returning to her family and making amends with those she had hurt.

After a tearful reunion with Gerry and Roger, Jess heads to Linda’s office, where she uses Gerry’s adorable face and cookies to make her apologies.  Her friends accept the bribe, however Carol isn’t there and after a talking to from Rhodey, Jessica seaks her out. 

Jess and Carol meet up in a Coffee Shop, where Carol calls Jess out on her behavior. Carol states that she isn’t sure she can believe that Jess can change, but she’s going to try. Jess promises that she’ll try harder and the two hug. 

Later, as Jess is putting Gerry to bed, she replaces his dinosaur plushie with a Jeff the Land Shark one. Roger asks what Jess wants to do with her suit, and initially, Jess tosses it (and the dinosaur) into the trash. However, after some compentplation, Jess decides to keep it and pulls it out of the trash, to be Spider-Woman for another day.

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