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To Know Her Is To Fear Her: The Spider-Woman Podcast

Oct 27, 2020

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Seren and Rey are joined by very special guests Spider-Woman writer Karla Pacheco, and Spider-Woman artist Pere Perez for a fun-filled and chock full discussion of the legacy issue 100 of our girl, Jessica Drew!

Not only do our Spider- Babies get to ask Karla and Pere about the 100th issue, but there's also a peek behind the curtain of what the creative team do to pull together the greatest series going on at Marvel at the moment!

Laugh out loud and let the mind boggle - you're in for a serum filled ride!! **CACKLE CACKLE CHORTLE!!**

VENOM BLASTS (things to look out for in episode)!!

  • Seren's level of fandom with the series title sales!
  • Karla's suggestion for a dance remix!
  • Pere's very own cackle!
  • Rey's love for melted faces!
  • The Creative Teams' love for a particular killing instrument!


Spider-Woman Vol. 7 #5

Released 21st October 2020

Written by Karla Pacheco

Drawn by Pere Perez

Colours by Frank D’Armata

Letters by VC’s Travis Lanham

Editor(s) Jake Thomas, Lindsay Cohick

SYNOPSIS (by Wiki & Spider-Baby Rick):

Despite Miriam throwing Jess into the line of fire, Michael saves Jess from Miriam's crazed actions. As they flee, Miriam's body degenerates to reveal herself as a clone, created after waiting for Jess to wake up for years by way of the High Evolutionary's aid. This Miriam lost her hope for Jess upon her daughter's waking up and serving Hydra, now blaming Jess for Rebecca's condition. As Miriam goes mad, Octavia attacks and cryptically notes her associates while trapping the Drew women outside the lab, claiming all the research as she "takes back what's hers." Outside the lab, Miriam continues to attack Jess and reveals the truth about the Spider formula: more doses breed strength, but also increases apathetic aggression.

Michael distracts Miriam long enough to steal a vial of formula, and helps Jess by dosing her to boost her power. As Miriam and Jess battle in a berserker brawl, Octavia takes Rebecca as the last pure sample of the research she took. Miriam tells Jess to take Michael & Rebecca to evacuate, warning her about "the others" that will settle the unfinished business with her. Miriam tackles Octavia, which releases Rebecca, and takes the villain into a secure lab to detonate the facility once her family escapes the vicinity; seemingly killing Octavia and destroying the research.

Escaping the rubble to the helipad, Jess realizes that when they first arrived, Michael alluded to Hydra taking Miriam's life, and knowing the Miriam on Wundagore was a clone in the first place. Michael confesses to knowing she was a clone, desperate to get help for Rebecca's condition. As they both agree on finding a cure for Rebecca, Jess instead plans on finding it her own way and warns Michael about hiding any more "family secrets." Jess bids farewell to Rebecca as she pilots a second helicopter, promising herself to find a cure for the sake of her own family and friends.

In the second story, Jessica trains in a gym, destroying the equipment with her newfound serum strength. She is committed to finding answers and a cure before it kills her and Rebecca. Later, she packs a bag while talking to Roger over video chat about what happened at Wundagore, and says she’s going to keep using the new suit because of its healing properties. Jessica tells Roger and Gerry that she’ll come back when it’s over, and Roger asks her if she really has to do it alone.

Jessica dons her street level Spider-Woman outfit and uncovers her motorcycle while thinking that maybe she doesn’t have to do this one alone. She meets her best friend, Captain Marvel, and they plan to go into space, chasing the last known location of the High Evolutionary.

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