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To Know Her Is To Fear Her: The Spider-Woman Podcast

Sep 2, 2021


Writer Karla Pacheco returns to join Seren and Rey for an ever fun-filled chat about the latest offering of the Spider-Woman series!

Always a blessing to have the brains behind the series, Karla elaborates on how issue #14 came about and her thoughts on the introduction to Jess' all-new villains!

You'll wanna hear this one, folks - it's full octane, laugh out loud that only Karla can provide!! :)

VENOM BLASTS (things to look out for in episode)!!

  • Karla's insight into how issue #14 came together!
  • The page Seren buys off this issue!
  • Rey's attempt to ship Michael and Roger!
  • Seagulls dropping seashells on metal rooves!


Spider-Woman Vol. 7 #14

Released August 18th, 2021

Written by Karla Pacheco

Drawn by Pere Perez

Colours by Frank D’Armata

Letters by VC’s Travis Lanham

Cover: Junggeon Yoon, Netease Marvel Games Variant

Production Designer: Anthony Gambino

Editors: Lindsay Cohick, Nick Lowe

SYNOPSIS (Courtesy of Rey):

With Lindsay visiting from LA for a long needed catch-up and to look after Gerry, Jessica prepares to meet Michael, her brother, for an explanation as to why her apartment was set upon by mercenaries.

It appears Michael was behind it all, however he implores Jessica to give him a chance to explain. Arriving at Marchand pharmaceuticals, Jessica is greeted by Michael (complete with softball uniform) but it isn’t long before they are interrupted by Rose Roche, Michae’s assistant. Rose takes responsibility for having Jessica’s house burgled and it’s revealed that the copy of the Wyndham file given to Michael for his daughter Rebecca, came with a single-use only. Michael and Rose needed Jessica’s files to continue their work, much to Jessica’s disgust. What was meant to be a cure for Rebecca, seems to have turned out as an opportunity to mass produce and market Wyndham’s genius.

Rose attacks Jessica revealing that Michael had used the Wyndham array on her, giving her powers, and they give Jessica an ultimatum - give them the Wyndham files...or else.

Jessica replies that she needs time to think about it and back at her apartment, both she and Lindsay decide to raid Marchand Pharmaceuticals to steal back what they can from Michael and Rose, in an effort to halt Michael’s plans to reverse engineer the Wyndham technology.

With Gerry safely straddled in a carrier, both Jessica and Lindsay storm the entrance, before Jessica is left to carry out the rest of their mission by herself.

Rose suddenly appears and the two fight it out, resulting in them crashing through a wall and revealing Michael on an operating table, dosed with a hybrid formula of both the Marchand serum and Wyndham’s array.

Michael’s new transformation sees him as a monstrous version of himself, augmented with Spider powers and hell bent on destroying Jessica. Trading blows, Michael finally manages to web Jessica against a wall and deal out a deathblow when suddenly Rebecca appears, screaming for him to stop.

Michael pauses, reassuring Rebecca that he’ll always be her Dad...but to everyone else, he is now called Aeternum!

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