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To Know Her Is To Fear Her: The Spider-Woman Podcast

Sep 21, 2021


Seren and Rey return to commentate and discuss the latest adventures of Jess - one that opens with her piloting a helicopter whilst unconscious!

How did she get that way? Well, fearless Spider-Babies, you'll need to tune in - along with additional mind bombs and table top reveals that only writer Karla...

Sep 2, 2021


Writer Karla Pacheco returns to join Seren and Rey for an ever fun-filled chat about the latest offering of the Spider-Woman series!

Always a blessing to have the brains behind the series, Karla elaborates on how issue #14 came about and her thoughts on the introduction to Jess' all-new villains!


Jul 21, 2021

Spider-Babies Seren and Rey return to discuss the latest and greatest from Team Krazy GOAT, Karla Pacheco and Pere Perez!
There's some pretty solid storytelling in this issue and the Spider- Babies ensure that praise is where praise is due!
Non-stop action, banter and a jaw dropping last page will...

Jun 23, 2021

The Spider-Babies Seren and Rey have no latest issue to review, so it's thanks to a Patreon chosen theme that the Spider-Babies take a stroll through the decades at the various costumes of Spider-Woman!
From a costume that remained largely unchanged for decades before a flurry of costumes heralded in...

May 18, 2021

The Spider-Babies Seren and Rey continue their fabled journey through the latest adventures of Jessica Drew!
This time around, Jess and Roger's relationship comes to a head; the Toledo Brothers' origin is revealed; and could that very well be someone on the other end of the phone, that we've all be hankering...